• In the US pivotal phase III trial (n=80), Privigen delivered sustained effective protection from infections and favorable tolerability12
    • Annual rate* of serious bacterial infections (SBI) was 0.08, below FDA-required threshold of 1.0,13 and rate of other infections was 3.55
    • 97% of adverse reactions were non-serious
  • In patients (n=55) studied up to 41 months, Privigen continued to deliver favorable tolerability and showed lower rates of infection than the pivotal phase III trial14
    • Annual rate* of SBI was 0.02 and of other infections was 1.60
    • 93% of adverse reactions were mild or moderate

* Infections per subject year. Serious bacterial infections were defined as pneumonia, bacteremia/septicemia, osteomyelitis/septic arthritis, bacterial meningitis, and visceral abscess.

Annual rate of SBI with Privigen was 0.02 fin patients with PI
  • In the ITP clinical trial, 80.7% of subjects (46 of 57) responded to Privigen with a 150% rise in platelet count within 7 days10
  • Adverse events were generally mild or moderate10

Study was performed on 57 subjects with chronic ITP. Each subject had a platelet count of ≤20 x 109/L. Dose was 1 g/kg on 2 consecutive days. Primary endpoint was elevation of platelet count to at least 50 x 109/L within 7 days of infusion.

80.7% of patients with chronic ITP responded to Privigen

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