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How is PI treated?

How your PI is treated is based on which type of PI you have. Certain types of PI are associated with low immunoglobulin (Ig) G levels (immunoglobulins are proteins that help fight infection).

One treatment option is Ig therapy, which replaces the IgG that is missing or in low amounts. lg therapy is:

  • Made from a collection of donated plasma of carefully screened donors that is manufactured and purified under strict conditions for efficacy and safety
  • Infused because it is made from plasma and cannot be put into pill form

Ig infusions are typically given 2 ways:

Into the vein:
intravenous lg, or IVIg
IVIg therapy like Privigen is administered into the vein by a medical professional either at a medical facility or in your home, about every 3 to 4 weeks
Just below the skin:
subcutaneous Ig, or SCIg
SCIg products are typically self-administered using an infusion pump and small needle, anywhere from daily to every 4 weeks*

Deciding which type of Ig therapy is right for you or your child is up to you and your doctor.

*Depending upon product

Privigen is safe and effective

See why Privigen is the #1 IVIg therapy used in hospitals

Privigen is proven effective and safe and is the only IVIg stabilized with proline

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