Innovative manufacturing steps help make Privigen safe

Privigen IVIg is made from large amounts of plasma (the liquid part of the blood) donated by carefully selected donors across the US. The Privigen manufacturing process inactivates and removes viruses and other infectious agents, although the risk of transmission cannot be completely removed.

CSL Behring has a 65+ year history of safety and excellence in plasma therapies

CSL Behring has implemented some of the most rigorous quality controls in the business to produce products that meet exacting standards.

The Privigen manufacturing process includes a 3-step virus inactivation/removal process

Privigen Manufacturing Process
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Ig IsoLo®—additional manufacturing process to help reinforce Privigen quality

Privigen goes through an additional filtration process called immunoaffinity chromatography (IAC).

IAC removes specific antibodies (anti-A and anti-B) that could otherwise lead to isoagglutination (or clumping), which may be harmful to some people. IAC binds these antibodies and removes them while still retaining therapeutic IgG antibodies.

With IAC, Privigen is among IVIg with reduced isoagglutinin levels.

Only Privigen IVIg is made stable with proline

Proline is a natural amino acid that is made in your body.

Proline is contained in certain foods found in many people's diets.

After extensive study, proline was carefully chosen to be the stabilizer in Privigen. As a result, Privigen can be stored at room temperature and is ready to use right off the shelf. Treatment with Privigen should not be used if your doctor determines that you have hyperprolinemia (too much proline in the blood).

Proline also occurs naturally in foods such as:

  • Dairy Products
  • Meat
  • Eggs
Privigen may be an option for people who have diabetes, latex allergies, or sensitivity to preservatives

Talk to your doctor to see if Privigen is an appropriate IVIg treatment for you.

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Privigen is proven safe & effective

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