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What is Privigen?

Privigen is an intravenous Ig therapy that contains antibodies—essential proteins in your immune system that identify and destroy bacteria and viruses that cause disease. The primary antibody found in Privigen, immunoglobulin G, is the main type of antibody made by your immune system.

Your doctor may refer to your Privigen treatment as "Ig," "intravenous Ig," or "IVIg."

What is primary immunodeficiency (PI)?

PI is a disorder of the immune system. Your immune system works to keep you healthy by fighting off germs.

In PI, infections are common, because the immune system does not work correctly. Infections may come back often or not go away–even with antibiotics. People who have PI may have frequent ear infections and colds that are severe, long lasting, and hard to cure.

10 Warning Signs of PI

If you or a loved one has 2 or more of the following conditions, PI may be the cause.

  1. New ear infections—4 or more within 1 year
  2. Serious sinus infections—2 or more with little effect
  3. Months on antibiotics—2 or more with little effect
  4. Pneumonia—2 or more cases within 1 year
  5. Failure of an infant to gain weight or grow normally
  6. Recurrent, deep skin or organ abscesses
  7. Persistent thrush (yeast infection) in mouth or fungal infection on skin
  8. Need for intravenous antibiotics to clear infections
  9. Deep-seated infections, including septicemia (blood poisoning)- 2 or more
  10. A family history of PI
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How does Privigen work in PI?

By raising levels of IgG, Privigen helps boost your immune system to prevent serious and recurring infections and other complications. Privigen helps protect many people with PI against infections that may interfere with their daily living. The exact way that Privigen works is not completely understood.

Privigen is proven safe & effective

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Receiving Privigen therapy

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