The mechanism of action of IgG in primary immunodeficiency (PI) disease has not been fully elucidated. It is known that Privigen provides patients with a broad spectrum of opsonic and neutralizing IgG antibodies against bacterial, viral, parasitic, and mycoplasma agents and their toxins.

  • Privigen is manufactured from the plasma of a large pool of healthy blood donors and therefore includes a broad variety of antibody specificities against common pathogens to which the donor population has been exposed22
  • The antibodies in Privigen are structurally and functionally intact, and their effector functions are fully operative18
Privigen is stabilized with proline

The mechanism of action for IgG therapy is complex and not fully understood. However, its success in treating CIDP—an inflammatory neuropathy with an underlying autoimmune basis—is largely attributed to its immunomodulatory effects.24

A more precise mechanism of action regarding just how IgG therapy exerts its immunomodulatory effects is still being explored, but proposed mechanisms that may play a role include24:

  • Reducing T-cell activity potentially involved in the development of CIDP
  • Mediating Fc receptor blockade on macrophages, which may inhibit demyelination
  • Modulating cell migration, which may prevent autoimmune complications
  • Neutralizing superantigens that may be involved in relapses caused by infection
Privigen is stabilized with proline

The mechanism of action of IgG in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is complex and not fully understood. However, the success of treating chronic ITP with IgG has been attributed to the competitive inhibition of Fc receptors on phagocytic cells.23,25

Continuing research indicates that other mechanisms may also contribute to thrombocytopenia, including22:

  • Induction of Fcγ IIb inhibitory receptors, which appear to play a critical role in thrombocytopenia
  • Regulatory properties of anti-idiotypic antibodies, which possibly regulate the immune system
  • Long-term effects of downregulation on autoantibodies

Although IVIg has been used to treat chronic ITP, the mechanism of action is still unclear. Further research will be needed to better understand how IVIg works in chronic ITP.22

IgG MOA in chronic ITP is complex
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